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Associated Surnames

The many branches of my family now include multiple individuals with the surnames of Anspach, Berger, Biever, Campbell, Dadario, Diehl, Dillon, Huff, Miller, Paules, White, Winters, and Yaworski.  Direct line relatives include Erisman, Heilman, Hoff, Horn, Ivey, Leiphart, Matz, McKain, Riale, Stiely, Ulrich and Wilhelm.  The family seems to be concentrated in central and northeastern Pennsylvania in Lancaster, Lebanon, Schuylkill and Northampton Counties.

But enough with the introductions!  How can we help each other???

Posted by: geosci64 | April 23, 2008


McKains of Marietta PA

This site is dedicated to the study of one’s ancestors. I have included links to a number of sites, with a concentration on places of interest to my family. Others may find some of the links useful in their own research – thus the existence of this site. You will see a number of references to places in the western portions of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where my ancestors were concentrated. Our “home town” is a small village of Marietta – located on the north-west bank of the Susquehanna River. The McKain Family of Marietta all descend from one William McKain – born about 1760. He came to the United States in 1798 – leaving from Port Rush, Antrim, Ireland and arriving in the Chester, PA area. He married (1799 near Philadelphia) a first generation U.S. citizen named Catherine Hoff – daughter of a revolutionary war soldier named Johan Jacob Hoff. They had eleven children. My branch of this family was from a son, William McKain, Jr. who married Jane Mary Reisinger. This couple had thirteen children. This rapid growth of the family in just 2 generations resulted in the scattering of the family into other portions of the United States – especially Allegheny County, Pennsylvania as well as some portions of Iowa.